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Sapling Donation

We are aware of today’s environmental issues and the world’s need for sustainability. Our aim is not only to produce products, but also to contribute to the environment while producing them and to make our customers partners in these efforts. For all Syntarexᵀᴹ synthetic rubber products we produce, we donate 3 saplings for every 14 tons of orders and 6 saplings for every 23 tons of orders on behalf of our customers. The donation certificates of the donations we make are issued on behalf of our customers and sent to our customers via e-mail. In this way, we are working together with our customers for a sustainable future.

Clean Energy

In our Denizli factory where we produce Syntarexᵀᴹ synthetic rubber, we obtain our energy from renewable energy sources with solar panels. By using clean energy, we reduce our carbon footprint and produce more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Scrap Recycling

We attach importance to the recycling of plastic, metal, and wood waste materials from all raw materials coming to our Denizli factory. We deliver these materials to the recycling companies we have contracted for recycling and ensure these materials are being recycled.

Wood Workshop

We transform broken pallets that are not suitable for use that come to our Denizli factory with raw materials into reusable products in the wood workshop inside our factory.