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Syntarexᵀᴹ S-SBR synthetic rubber, which we produce in our Denizli reprocessed production facility, is widely used in many industries.

Syntarexᵀᴹ S-SBR synthetic rubber offers low rolling resistance, and wet grip. It also provides cost advantages to our customers. It provides a high level of color sensitivity in the production of colored rubber compound. Both oil extended and non-oil grades are available. Our oil extended grades of S-SBR are suitable for the use of products subject to PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) tests due to their TDAE type oil content.

Commercial Grades

Product Name
Bound Styrene %wt.Block Styrene
Mooney Viscosity ML(1+4) 100°COil Type-%wtVinyl Content %wt.AntioxidantApplicationsTDS
15-22-50-70-30-60Non-StainingConveyor Belt, Shoe Sole, Retread, Rubber Compounding, Colored articles.Download
S-SBR 1205
20-2618-2043-53--Non-StainingConveyor Belt, Shoe Sole, Retread, Rubber Compounding, Adhesives, Colored articles.Download
S-SBR Oil Extended
20-40-50-80TDAE- 30-37.530-60Non-StainingConveyor Belt, Shoe Sole, Retread, Rubber CompoundingDownload