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Why Cinar Kaucuk?

1M+ Low-Cost High Quality

With our solutions, you can reduce your costs without compromising on quality

1M+ Identifying Suitable Raw Materials

With our specialist team, you can determine the most suitable raw material for your needs.

1M+ Fast Shipping

You can receive your orders quickly with our strong logistics network.

1M+ Sustainability

With the sustainable products we offer, we can build a more sustainable future together.

1M+ Quick Feedback

You can get a quick response to your requests and questions.

1M+ After-Sales Technical Support

You can get technical support about our products after sales with our highly experienced team.


Sapling Donation

We are aware of today’s environmental issues and the…

Clean Energy

In our Denizli factory where we produce Syntarexᵀᴹ synthetic rubber

Scrap Recycling

We attach importance to the recycling of plastic, metal…

Wood Workshop

We transform broken pallets that are not suitable…

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